Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"I like your buttons."

Recommendation 1: Go see Blades of Glory, especially if you've gotten into the unfortunate habit of taking yourself too seriously lately.

Recommendation 2: Do not eat a large meal of Indian food beforehand.

I had a great birthday yesterday. It started with a call from Mom, a gift of flowers from a friend, and hugs and drawings from the kids. I did some spring cleaning, worked on the manuscript draft, which is coming along nicely (I met my goal of having something halfway-decent hammered out by the time another year turned over on the ol' odometer), and then got to enjoy some cake and ice cream before heading out to one of my favorite Flagstaff restaurants of all time - Delhi Palace - with my husband. The meal was awesome - tandoori-style meats, curry spicy enough to get the nostril hairs tingling, and, of course, one of my favorite carb vices: Naan (fried potato-ey, bread-y pancake-y things).

After gorging ourselves thusly, we rushed over to the theater, arriving just in time to see some of the upcoming summer movie trailers. It's going to be a good film season, methinks, considering the triple whammy of Shrek 3, Pirates 3 and Spider Man 3, all of which look like they're going to be excellent. So, then our movie began. Now, I will admit up front that I am a huge John Heder fan. I'm one of those people who "got" Napoleon Dynamite (and, thanks to my sister-in-law, I even have a "liger" sticker on my truck to prove it). I also enjoy Will Ferrell tremendously. The two of them together are almost too much for my brain and stomach to handle, and I mean that in a good way. Honestly, I don't think I've laughed so hard since watching Sinbad's show at Morehouse College called Brain Damaged, which used to air on the comedy channels all the time in the late 90's (my husband and I have tried to find a copy of it for years, to no avail). Seriously, Blades of Glory actually caused laughter-related pain, and afterward we both felt totally depleted, which is what I consider to be a quality movie-going experience.

So, now it's full-on spring, I'm officially not getting any younger, and I want to go outside and play with the kids and dog and cats and horsies and chickens...but first I need to get this book beta reader-ready. I could actually use one more really good snowstorm at this point as an excuse to chain myself to the computer for a couple more days. Barring that, I'll just have to draw the blinds, shutting out all that gorgeous sunshine for a little while longer.


  1. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! Happy BIRFDAY Dooode! You are SUCH a dork! We talked on the phone TWICE yesterday..And you couldn't even drop a hint for a poor clueless country girl?? SHITE. MAN you *are* OLD! LIKE THE CRYPTKEEPER EVEN! ::Ducking:: (you have to watch the new Freaky Friday to get that one) OH and PLEASE in the name of all things HOLY get rid of the damn word verifier!! ACK.

  2. Lorelei1:20 PM


    I really was thinking of you all day, but I have a very crummy cold that has turned me into a croaking frog with post-nasal drip. Delightful.

    My hubby and oldest boy child-like substance (who now stands five foot two) celebrated your big day by going to see.....Blades of Glory!!! They also thought it was hilarious, so you were in good company. And they didn't have to smell your stinky burps throughout the flick.

    : )

    Love you. Happy day!!!

  3. Dysd, I know, I'm a pain that way. And I AM the Cryptkeeper. I loved that line in Freaky Friday - back when Lindsay Lohan still looked cute and wholesome.

    Lor - you must go see it, too. It's a great one-liner source, rivaling even (yes, I'm going to say it) Weird Science. (gasp!)

  4. Oh man, that movie is TOO funny! Yes I laughed until it hurt!

    HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY to yooooooooo!

    And you even set your goal and reached it. It's gonna be a great year!

    (I'm working on the full report of my amazing weekend. It's a doozy. For real.)

  5. Well, it's a good thing you're working on that report, Miss Hick, because I'm getting a little tired of checking your blog multiple times daily. Been checking my inbox, too... (<- clearing throat)

  6. Chazz Micheal Michaels = horse shampoo!

  7. People seems to be very divided on this movie. I've heard everything from "don't even bother" to "omg - it's the funniest thing I think I've ever seen".

    BTW, I'm Cindy. I live in Texas. I lived in Prescott for about 1 year a while back!

  8. Heidi, I forgot about the Mane n' Tail scene. Heder has such revolutionary hair.

    Hi, Cindy! I love Prescott and used to spend quite a bit of time there when we lived "down the mountain" a ways. That's where our wonderful broodmare Narabla came from, too. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  9. Hi Nicole,
    My husband and I own property in Seligman...that near you? I thought it was between Flagstaff and Las Vegas, but maybe I'm inventing that location. Anyway, happy birthday and loved the movie.

  10. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Ok, so I've crossed over into creepy X as stalker. Sue me.

    Your stuff is fun to read. But here's why I'm writing more:
    Ligers are real. Perhaps you know this. I found out in Outside magazine a couple of months ago. They are beautiful. I want one.

    Also, how great is it that, not only has your original writing prof just had one of his books made in to a feature film with a heap of A list actors; it's his first book. I remember reading it right about the time his ...Ecstasy was published. I look forward to the film version.