Friday, September 07, 2007

it's nostalic movies about the performing arts from the seventies Friday!

I've always been a sucker for movies about the performing arts world. There's a good chance it started with A Little Romance, which came out when I was just nine years old. Diane Lane was such a beautiful, fresh-faced young girl who later grew into a glamorous star (and dated Mr. Bon Jovi, incidentally. She also appeared in one of my favorite mini-series of all time, Lonesome Dove). Sir Lawrence Olivier shines in this film - simply shines. The Vivaldi concerto that serves as the theme music for much of A Little Romance had such an impact on me as a kid that I hired a solo violinist to play it at our wedding as I walked toward my waiting groom...

Then there was The Competition, starring Amy Irving and Richard Dreyfuss. I used to watch it back to back on the Showtime box that sat on top of our television. (Anyone remember the glittery spandex purgatory that was Aerobicise?) I love the scene where Amy Irving discovers during a tense competition that her piano has one out-of-tune key. The look of pure diva horror on her face is incomparable.

And who could forget the piece de resistance of nostalgic seventies movies about the performing arts - The Turning Point? Can anything generate a more hearty sigh than a topless Misha in his heyday? I think not.


  1. "Can anything generate a more hearty sigh than a topless Misha in his heyday?" why OF COURSE!! A cowboy and his hat!

  2. I enjoy entries like this because they tend to prove that there are parallel universes and that they only occasionally bump into each other.

    PS Check spelling on title. The word verification is too easy this time: "rineuix" a French breakfast cereal for aging child movie stars.

  3. *snort!* Ken, I can always count on you. Will you be my editor?


    Hey, I kind of like the word "nostalic." I think I'll coin it. Now, if I could just come up with a meaning...