Sunday, October 21, 2007

and speaking of metal

Did anyone happen to catch FOX's new show "The Next Great American Band" on Friday? I just happened upon it, and I think FOX is onto something. More interesting than Idol, and how cool was it to see Sheila E. as one of the judges? The lady rocks.

The highlight, however, was a band of young (twelve and thirteen-year old) teenagers from SoCal called "Light of Doom." The name cracked me up, as did the cute little dudes, especially when it was announced that they were a "metal" band.

Then they played (scroll down the page a little to watch the clip). Holy cow. I've never been an Iron Maiden fan, but this version of Flight of Icarus was a jaw dropper. Check out the guitar solo, for instance. I'm quite sure having that much talent at that age just isn't natural.


  1. holy crap, those kids are straight up hardcore haaaaavy!

    I am worried sick about them! STay away, music biz vultures!!!! Begone, groupies!!!

    Love the metal moms too.

    My boy Bucky the Nerd fancies himself as a rock star. He can play guitar and drums and has started piano. He's got the hair and the tude for it,but I'm not letting him near a stage, other than recitals, until he's at least 18!

    Seriously those little dudes have got chops. I hope the voice change doesn't wreck everything!!!!

  2. I know, Heidi! The mom in me and the rocker in me are battling it out over what attitude to take toward these boys. I hear ya about the groupies, especially. Ugh.