Friday, February 29, 2008

kid logic

This from my daughter after she brought the bag of mini-marshmallows to me so I could read her the ingredient list:

"If they have water in them, that means they're pretty healthy."

In other news, GREEN GRASS has been spotted outside in the yard. Spring WILL reign victorious over this long winter in the end...oh, yes it will. I also saw my first beetle bug of the season yesterday. This may not sound like big news where you are, but it was here. Just to see some random alive and growing things after months of snow, slush and ice borders on life-changing.

Of course, we still have March ahead, and other residents around these parts keep reminding me that it's traditionally our worst snow month, yada yada yada. Looks like it's going to come in like a lamb tomorrow, though.


  1. You have grass? There is hope. We're still up to our knees in snow. It's gotta get better...

  2. Anonymous7:20 AM

    So GOOD to have you back! I will have to go to your house to see the green grass!! hehehe - none here! I will keep my eyes open for signs of spring here on this side of the world. And to the girl~water IS good :-)