Saturday, August 28, 2010

grandpa crush

I’ll admit to never having heard of Get Low until this morning when I partook of this TNB Review along with my morning coffee (French press, thank you – I’ve been inducted into the tribe and don’t think I’ll ever go back to drip. Oh, maybe in a pinch, but there’s no comparison between the two…anyway, I digress). So, Cynthia Hawkins absolutely nails what I’ve been feeling about Robert Duvall ever since I first saw Lonesome Dove. Case in point: Last week I Netflixed Crazy Heart, and when RD appeared on the screen, I literally gasped and went, “Oooooh!” One of the commenters on the Hawkins article then used the term “grandpa crush” which is just so…perfect somehow. Because that’s what I often tell people when trying to describe my thing about Duvall: “He reminds me of my grandpa.”


Speaking of May and December, I recently re-watched Harold and Maude after something like a two-decade hiatus. I remember loving this movie as a kid, but it’s actually gotten better with time. Favorite lines include, “Harold! That was your last date!” among others.

Blogging about movie watching…gah, how trite. But if you knew how summer’s been (mostly crammed full of work and schedules and to do lists – not like a summer at all, really) then you’d be rejoicing with me at these simple pleasures. And, oh! I actually read! A book! So, things are looking up, and I have pictures and stories to share. Like it or not.


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