Wednesday, November 16, 2011

cracked me up

So, this guy - Steve Riley - came to our local school last week as a visiting author/illustrator. Not only did have have the rapt attention of every child in the room, but the teachers were completely captivated as well. Think Jim Carrey meets Bob Ross (that guy who used to paint in real time on PBS) meets Dr. Suess. The kids at our school got to create a character named Professor Floppyshoes - an overweight mouse sporting a mohawk and - you guessed it - huge shoes who encountered his nemesis the Evil Sandwich. What a hoot!

If your school is looking for a visiting author, I can't think of a better person to get kids fired up with the joy of reading, writing and illustrating. Here's one of Steve's art lesson's on YouTube - it's tame, down-to-earth and not focused on hilarity as his classrooom performance was, but you get the idea.

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