Friday, March 30, 2012

Linklove Friday!

Ah, the flu. It'll really take you down a few notches what with the fluid loss and the shivering fever. Then there's Tax Time with all it's required calculations and existential cries of, "Why? Why? Why didn't I keep that receipt?" What was it Jerry Jeff Walker sang? "The only sure thing is taxes and dying..." True, true. Anyway, those are my excuses for being a bit light on the blogging lately. I'm back now, though, and ready for another Linklove Friday!

Speaking of tax time, here's an article about writers and taxes that looks pretty interesting. Researching this issue has already been added to my To Do list for 2012. I'm quite familiar with form Schedule C, since I've had the soap company for so many years, but I've hardly mastered it where author-related expenses are concerned.
And speaking of great lyricists like Jerry Jeff, I recently heard this gorgeous song by Alexi Murdoch while watching the movie Real Steel with one of the testosterone-driven members of my household. While futuristic, boxing robots turned out to be - big surprise - not my thing, the movie was saved for me by  the presence of Hugh Jackman's rippling EVERYTHING and Alexi Murdoch's moody, atmospheric voice. I have subsequently downloaded a bunch of his songs.
Changing subjects completely, this article on modern slave ownership really made me think, not just because the theme of captivity runs through my current WIP, but because I'm always amazed at how advanced humans sometimes think we are as a species, when reality would occasionally show us as just the opposite.
Finally, be sure to check out the awesome, 2013 YA debut author posts over at The Lucky 13s blog! I'll be posting to the blog this coming Monday, and I'd love it if you'd pop on over for a visit.
TGIF, Everyone, and Happy Spring! Here's a peek at some of the newest arrivals here at mi casa:

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