Wednesday, January 23, 2008

lady of the flies

Seems I have been tagged to participate in one of those meme things. How is that word pronounced, anyway? In my head it sounds like "memm," but then I think maybe it's "meem," or maybe even "Me! Me!" (as in: Here's a little interesting (or not) factoid about Me!).
So, I have studiously avoided participating in these things. I don't know why. I think I might be meme crabby. Or maybe meme frigid. But I will do this one because Maiden asked me to, and I like her. She has a new blog, by the way. Go check it out! Anyway, here's the challenge:

Instructions for this meme:
Write your tip(s) with a link to who sent the meme to you, along with the instructions. They are better if they are your own discovery, or not widely known. Still, tips that make a difference to you are all good, post your tips in your blog and after your tips, you will want to tag some friends. (No, I won't, unless a massage is involved. Did that come out wrong? I think maybe it did. ANYway.)

It seems the "tips" in question should have something to do with housecleaning, which is not my strong point, but okay. Let's see....a household cleaning tip...Oh! I have one! During the worst of the fly season (late summer/early fall) in the mornings when the flies are still sleepy and crowded on the windows I use the vacuum cleaner attachment to vacuum them up. How gross is that?? Works like a charm, though, and I get a bit more maniacal about it as the season wears on.*Death! Death to the flies! Bwahahahahahah!!!!!!*

And lest you think that I live in a trash heap or something, I don't. It's just that we have horses on the property - also seasonal cattle on the many, leased Forest Service acres surrounding us. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to keep those nasties outside where they belong. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.


  1. N~Thx for the advertisment :-) Once again, I am sitting ROTF LMAO!! And to all of your dedicated readers, I want to verify that N does not live in a trash heap. And the pic that you have posted does not do you justice!

  2. My suggestion for avoiding having to kill flies is to move to Billings MT. I know you won't believe me but we don't have flies or mosquitos. Really.

  3. Great tip, too funny! My mom has horses also and the flies are crazy! Once we tried to light the horse poo on fire to kill all the fly larvae..
    I like killing flies too!

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  5. M, how creepy does that movie look?

    Ken, methinks you are pulling my leg. I could've sworn you had skeeters big as melons in Big Sky Country.

    Talina, you clearly have what it takes to join me in my quest for worldwide fly extermination. Unfortunately, I've heard that if flies did not exist, we'd all be up to our hoo-hahs in garbage. Six of one, half-a-dozen of another, I say.

  6. hahaha! My mom's 150 year old house always has a carnage of dead flies under the windowsills at the end of the summer. I don't wait til they're dead to vacuum them up though!!!!! mwa hahahaha!

  7. So good to know I'm not alone, Heidi, and it's not nearly as fun to vacuum up the dead ones. Stephen King has nothing on us, I tell ya.