Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Liar's Diary

Another snow day for our little school district, and winter has now officially gotten to the point where I'm almost convinced that the rest of my life will consist of the sisyphean task of slogging through thigh-high snow drifts (with plenty of slurpie-like water underneath) to a) grab several flakes of hay; b) slog to the pasture to throw those flakes; c) return to the hay bales and grab more flakes; d) rinse; e) repeat ad nauseum.

Since the kids have been out of school since last Friday, my house now looks like a combination daycare/zoo gone horribly wrong. I wish I had my trusty Nikon to show you the proof of these things, but it's in for its yearly cleaning.

Onward! Today is the official grassroots blogging day for The Liar's Diary, which is being released in paperback.

If you haven't yet read the story behind this effort, go check out Susan Henderson's Litpark. Basically, Patry Francis worked really hard to write a novel and get it published (as any serious writer worth his or her salt does). Then she found out she had cancer. Because this sort of thing will tend to put a little ding in one's promotional plans, the writing community at large is coming together to promote the paperback version of the book for Patry. I haven't read TLD yet, but as soon as I can get out of the driveway I'll be heading to Barnes and Noble. Of course, it can also be ordered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell's and straight from Penguin (where you can apparently save 15%).
Lord knows, working at a writing career can be grueling enough without adding on the burden of a life-threatening illness. If a simple post on my little blog can help sell even one book for Patry, then I consider that typing time well spent.


  1. As to life in the snow/slosh with mud puddles hidden below the thigh high snow.... don't forget the water issues (mine was buried and topped off with 3 inches of snow), the barn door stuck shut, the corral gate buried under a foot - I say enough snow!! I can't imagine where it is all going to melt off to... the ground is completely saturated.
    I will get the Liar's Diary to read.
    I hope that you are feeling better today.

  2. This is the worst time of year to be a horse owner...

    I pitched in for The Liar's Diary too. We all gotta stick together!

  3. Anonymous6:42 PM

    We are suppose to get hit with that massive snowstorm here in Michigan tonight. Right now it is 50 degrees out but it is suppose to be 13 degrees tomorrow. High wind and rain changing to heavy snow overnight. Oh goodie. I remember the days of carting the hay to my horse through rain, snow, sleet and hail. She was worth it tho.