Saturday, October 18, 2008

beats wheaties

I do think I may have found the coolest product ever in Organic Batter Blaster, which I bought on impulse at Sam's Club yesterday after the kids and I raided the sample cart. The idea of Cheez-Whiz style pancakes was too much for my brain to take in until I read the ingredient list and watched the demo guy create these perfect little healthy pancakes with total ease and no mess. Seriously, I want to buy stock in this company, 'cause I think it's poised for world takeover.

Then there's Rachel. Okay, this is the ONLY way yogurt should taste - it's pure tangy, smooth numminess. And the cool flavors and packaging are totally inspiring to my soap-making self. Pomegranate Acai? Plum Honey Lavender? I think I'm in heaven.

Top it all off with a piping hot cup of Gorilla Coffee and right there you have yourself a serious morning repast.


  1. maiden537:59 PM

    This batter stuff sounds very expensive? Does Rachel teach you how to make the yogart or is it store bought?

  2. Totally not expensive, A. I think it was about $9 for three cans. Come pick one up as a trade for that coffee you gave me today! Each can makes about 28 pancakes, so you do the math. I figure it's more expensive to buy flour, butter, milk, etc., not to mention the mess - plus (and this is a big deal for us, of course) the water required for clean up. I'm sold.

    Rachel's Yogurt is already made. It comes in (I think) 12-packs. Come over and try some. Totally nummy.

  3. Now would be a good time to buy any stock, as long as you are willing to be patient. Sam's Club and CostCo are fraternal twins, right? This is where our kids should take a field trip to learn somehting about a market economy. Not something, a lot, a lot more than many of our elected representatives. This is home schooling, which you no doubt have figured out you are doing, even if you send them to school, right? OK, are there any others who would like to be insulted? Come one, come all.

  4. Yep, Sam's is much like Costco, Ken. And, yes, I agree to a point that we are all homeschooling our kids - whether officially or not.