Thursday, October 02, 2008

can't blog much at the moment.

Still processing the return of Friday Night Lights last night on DirecTV's new, special channel that lets subscribers watch this stuff before the general public sees it on NBC. So, neener.

Anyway, it was a good show. I'm not sure how I missed the story of Tami becoming principal,but there you go.
Hard to believe how "bonded" Riggins

and Lyla

are, too, though it doesn't look like that one's going to be too promising.

As one of Riggins' friends told him, he's pretty much a rebound from Jesus. Never a good sign.
Now the veep debate is on while I'm working at my computer (okay, while I'm taking a break from work), and I'm impressed by Sarah and Joe's endurance. I can't imagine keeping that up in front of the entire world, commercial-free.
Of course, tomorrow all the talking heads will be spinning every possible sound byte in every possible direction. Oh, how I am looking forward to this election being over, for better or worse.


  1. maiden538:35 PM

    what neat new channel is it?

    oh - the guy sure looks better than that parrot! not near as scary :-) much too young for me but still....mmmmmmm

  2. I took a break from the baseball to listen to the VP debate too. My initial response was how come these folks aren't at the top of the ticket? Both seemed reasonable. Mr Biden of course took advantage of the laziness of the MSM in checking his so-called facts, and in being aware of what the time was in saying some of his more outrageous exaggerations. He knew the rules of the game. Mrs Palin would not embarrass us in the world should she become VP. She has obviously been doing more than hunting moose. Maybe she should have responded to the perky Ms Couric that she obviously did not read the same magazines as her MSM interrogators.

    I missed the point of the pictures. I'm glad you are back.

  3. Never too young for you, A.


    It's channel 101, Wed. nights at 6 and 9 for us. Apparently DTV bought the rights to FNL so they could offer subscribers something special. I think NBC will be running it starting in January. Cool money generating plan, if you ask me.

  4. I agree, Ken. They were both impressive. And talk about nerves of steel, especially on Sarah's part since she was, admittedly, inexperienced at this level of debate.