Wednesday, November 05, 2008

at least we know we're raising her right

I'm a firm believer in exposing kids to horses as soon as possible. It does my heart good to know that our now-8-month-old Lizzie agrees.

Oo! And I almost forgot to mention that Maiden is the lucky soap winner from Friday before last. Look for another soapy giveaway this Friday. I'm well stocked at the moment, since the big Holiday House show was last weekend and there's another biggee coming up in a few weeks. It's all soap all the time here at Writer/Rider Central. That and Chicken Cacciatore, which is what's currently cookin' in the crockpot.


  1. The soap or the chicken, Ken? How the heck are ya?

  2. ". . . exposing kids to horses . . ." What do the horses say, are they consenting?

    "The soap or the chicken . . ." Both.

    About as well as can be expected. come visit my blog one of these days.