Friday, November 07, 2008

friday soap giveaway!

'Tis the season for Falling Leaves! I don't know about where you are, but here in Northern Arizona any tree that's not a Ponderosa is well on its way to being bald. These newest bars to be added to the Garland Prairie Soaps line celebrate the loveliness that is Fall. It's hard to tell from the picture, but these bars are a deep, reddish orange with many other fall colored chunks embedded throughout the soap. They're scented with a yummy citrus, cranberry and wildflower fragrance blend, making them a perfect addition to anyone's bathroom or kitchen. You gotta USE my soap, though, okay? None of this setting in on a windowsill as pure decoration. It's good stuff - glycerin-rich (which means it helps keep your skin soft), detergent and surfactant-free!
Wanna win one?
Simply leave (no pun intended) a comment describing your favorite fall memory.


  1. You speaking of me about leaving the oh so pretty soaps on a windowsill? :-)

    My favorite fall memory is Halloween the way is used to be when I was a kid. A neighborhood of kids, no parents, running from house to house to find the homemade goodies... no worries of razor blades or poisons. The freedom of the safety in numbers and no parents... and being outside after dark :-)

  2. I get a little shivery every late summer, looking forward to the first visible morning breath. Time to look for sweaters. Failures of the past are not forgotten, just put aside. Big Chief Tablets have arrived and the great Adventure starts all over again.

  3. My favorite fall memory is fallen leaves, raking them up with my Dad, brother, and sister. After we got big piles raked up, Dad would toss us into pile and we'd wrestle and scatter them again.

    Rake and repeat until we finally got them out to the gutter where the city picked them up.

    Mom would have hot cocoa and toast ready for us to snack on when we were through.

  4. Yay Donna entered the giveaway too! I have never really had the chance to experience true fall until this year. Living in Arizona all your life kind of means minimal season changes and whatnot...

    I do love visiting the apple orchards in the fall. For the last few years we have stocked up on apples in fall then we make all sorts of apple dishes and we spend a weekend canning our little gems for use throughout the year. I guess that would qualify as a fun little fall memory huh?