Wednesday, December 10, 2008

for those about to rock

...please go easy on those of us who will sit home sighing while you watch Angus, Brian and the gang strutting their stuff tonight.

My brother saw AC/DC a couple of weeks ago in the Bay Area (for the umpteenth time - he's been a major fan since the early 80's), and tonight I have friends going down to Phoenix to see them while I, alas, stay home and work. (You can hear that sound, right? It's the world's tiniest violin playing a sorrowful tune just for me.)

I guess I can get a bit of a fix by watching this. The humor will no doubt be lost on some of you, but we headbangers get why this is so funny.


  1. I hope that fly on the AC/DC site is not laying eggs. If the whole page is a wriggling mess day after tomorrow we'll know.

  2. We got back home and finally went to sleep at around 2:00 am! I have been to plenty of amazing concerts, from The Chieftains to the Stones, and can honestly say that this was the BEST show I have EVER seen.

    Also, there is nothing like watching a half-naked 61 year old man play guitar like a lunatic for almost two hours to inspire one to hit the gym more often!

  3. LOL, Ken. That's some great imagery. Gross, but great.

  4. That's right, Michelle, just go right ahead and twist that knife.


    I'm suprised you guys didn't spend the night down there. You must be completely wiped.

    I've heard they're amazing live. Not sure there will be another opportunity to see them after this tour ends, but one never knows...