Friday, December 12, 2008

friday soap giveaway!

It's Berry Cobbler this week, Folks. Because there's nothing quite like the scent of something warm and freshly-baked to heat up a cold December day!

The bar up for grabs today is infused with the nummy scents of spiced blackberry and vanilla, for a truly calorie-free, saliva-inducing bathing experience. As always, the soap is premium quality, rich in glycerin and wonderful for face, hands and body. To win, simply leave a comment, telling me your idea of the perfect soap fragrance (yes, it can be a fragrance blend).

Anyone who will be in the Flagstaff area tomorrow (Sat. 12/13) should be sure to head on over to the White Dove Cafe' (on the corner of 4th and 7th in East Flag) where Garland Prairie Soaps will be displayed in abundance. It's a 4-H benefit show, the last (and I mean it this time) craft show of the season.

Have a great weekend, Everybody!


  1. my perfect sopa fragrance is almond. hope to see you tomorrow :-)

  2. Is there such a soap that gives off a barnyard fragrance? The reason I ask is that when I pass by a farm that has some manure on hand I find it difficult to keep my eye on the road as I get images of my grandfather's farm floating upward from my visual cortex I suppose though the memory probably resides more anterior in the temporal lobes. A leather smell would be a good thing too. It makes me feel more masculine, though that's not much use these days.

  3. Ken, you are hilarious... :-) thanks for the giggles!

  4. Isn't he a hoot, A? I cracked up during at least three different places in his comment.

    Ken, I've never thought of a Manure soap, though it's an...interesting...thought. I do have a Fresh-Cut Grass scent, which is lovely, and which I intend to combine with the pine scent this spring for a distinctly Northern Arizona combination. Leather has been suggested to me before, as have tobacco and gun metal, of all things. I think the three would make for a nice masculine line.