Monday, February 02, 2009

if it's not scottish...

This was my favorite of all the Super Bowl ads yesterday (other than the horsey circus-love one and the tree branch-fetching Clydes, of course) because it gets me Scottish lassie blood a'boilin' just like a good rendition of Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. I'm trying to figure out how to embed videos from Hulu, so if it doesn't show up below, just click here.

I thought Bruce did a great job during the halftime show, though it sounded like his voice was really disappearing during Born to Run. Glory Days rocked. I saw The Boss during his Born in the USA tour eons ago, and it still ranks right up there with one of the best concerts I've seen. Too bad the Cards lost, but that's the breaks.


  1. Re your slogan—refusing the Kool-Aid—Are you old enough to remember that craziness in far away places?

    Wasn't that accent delicious in the ad?

  2. I didn't watch but a few minutes here and there of the game... and none of the half-time. I did go to utube to find the video of Jennifer Hudson. She ROCKED!

    Your hulu showed up fine for me.

  3. Ken, I don't remember being aware of at the time it happened, but there's quite a resurgence of interest in Jonestown lately (in case you haven't noticed). I wasn't aware of your connection to it until very recently.

    I am, however, aware of a somewhat thematically similar craziness places, however.

    And, yes, you just may need a secret decoder ring to uncover all the hidden meanings in that last statement.

  4. And, yes, "delicious" is a felicitous word for that accent.

    "Nummy" is another.

  5. I like to read stuff that I don't understand right away. The only problem is that I'm often hushed when I should probably at least clear my throat.