Tuesday, August 11, 2009

English, not British

I had a blast at the Giles Carradine dressage clinic in Flagstaff yesterday, and then drove to Vegas immediately afterward with my mother, who's in town for a visit and hasn't seen this city in about twenty years. More pics of everything a bit later. Right now it's time to hit the Strip, Baby. Sephora, especially, which is one of those stores that always makes me wish I had tons of kwan to spend - but who does in this economy, right?


  1. BUT, it is always good to have a parent around when shopping at SEPHORA! Especially one who loves good skin products and makeup. I was the only parent we had in DC. And, even with a 75$ gift certificate for Sephora, I spent another 150.00 at the Georgetown store. Poor Ed....didn't realize how dangerous that store is:) He got me the gift card....I HAD TO GO. Didn't have to purchase more; OR DID I! LOL

  2. Erin, it's the BEST place, isn't it? And yes, I think you absolutely DID have to purchase more.


  3. Anonymous1:28 PM

    OMG OMG OMG OMG! I was there I was there!


    Lots of love,