Friday, October 02, 2009

friday soap giveaway: cucumber melon

In honor of this morning, pre-sunrise, when I went out to feed my horse (yes, my boy is home again - wheeeeeeeeee! (more about that later)) and found the first ice of the year in his water bucket, I proudly offer my most summery, warm-weathery, couldn't-be-less-winter-like soap for the Friday Soap Giveaway:

I've recently re-designed these bars after a customer requested them as part of a larger order. The fragrance is the same as always - classic Cuke/Melon combo - but the bars are now a ripe, delicious cantaloupe color with cucumber-green swirls (which, for some reason, are not registering well in the photo, even after I played around with hue and saturation in PhotoShop to get the most accurate color representation possible).

To win a bar of this little slice of warm weather, simply leave a comment for this post, telling us all about what the changing of the seasons looks like now where you live. Remember, I won't mail the bar until there are at least six comments, because I'm stubborn that way.

Oh - there aren't quite enough comments for the Falling Leaves bar yet, so be sure to go comment there, too!


  1. Pretty soap - but can't wait to hear how Zzari is doing... I bet he LOVES being home with you :-)

  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    The leaves are changing colors and the wind has kicked up -- must be autumn in these parts :)

    Gonna go tweet this giveaway now, so I can increase my odds of winning it...funny irony there!

  3. The leaves have not started to change yet but many of the homes in my area are already decorating for halloween.

  4. When I get cold at night there is a heavier blanket that I pull up around my cold parts. I'm not sure what it looks like because it is dark.

  5. Ahhh I'm so happy Zzari is home!! I cannot wait to see you guys again! We need to ride when I come back. :)

    Well, In LA we don't see much of a change, But what I'm very glad about is the weather is starting to cool down! It's so much more enjoyable to walk up my hill to get to my house! Mind you I'm in all black for school. HAHA.

    People are starting to decorate here. I went to the grocery store and there was a whole isle full of candy and halloween items. YAY. Halloween is my second favorite holiday. (Christmas definitely is my favorite).

    Miss you and give everyone hugs from me :)

    Lots of love,


  6. Texas doesn't have much when it comes to seasons. There's too hot to be comfortable then comfortable but brown and depressing. We're somewhere in the middle right now

  7. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I think I smell a very fragant giveaway now qualifying :D

  8. There's still no sign of Autumn coming where I'm at :( I'm just waiting for the leaves to start changing color and I'll be happy :P