Wednesday, October 14, 2009

okay, Dad. time to blow out those candles...

Here's an almost-too-cute birthday video someone created, and I'm posting it here for one of the most special men in my life - my Dad! It's from him that I inherited my Scottish frugality (shall we just make it easy and call it cheapness? Actually, I have to edit this to say that, while Dad has been chided for this classic Scottish trait for decades, those closest to him know he's one of the most generous people you'll find anywhere) as well as my stubborn streak (some might call it a wide swath). I also inherited his nose and his forehead. But not the blonde hair. I didn't inherit that. I won't disclose his age as of today, but let's just say it's impressive. lol. Good thing I live far away, so he can't swat me.

I hope you had the happiest of days, Dad! Love, Nicole


  1. Thats the cutest cat ever!

    Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  2. Oh and thank you for my soap!!! Its smelt devine, and made my hands feel sooo good!

    Then my 2 year old thought it smelt good too! And then he ate it!

    Well, not all of it, just a few bites. He must have figured out that it was soap, and not an apple?

  3. lol, Krystal. You know, my son was my unofficial "soap tester" when he was a toddler and I was just getting started with the soap business. I always knew a particular bar was a keeper when it had his toothy stamp of approval.