Monday, February 19, 2007

getting this over with

I've been tagged by the Dysfunctional Housewife. Apparently, it's a big breach of blogging etiquette not to respond to these things, so I will do so (grumbling all the while). I will not pass it on, however (though anyone out there who wants to be tagged can let me know and I'll oblige). Here are the rules: Each player who gets tagged must write in their own blog ten weird things or habits or little known facts about him/herself. (Oh, joy.)

1. Clowns scare me.
2. If an enemy nation ever wanted to get national security secrets from me, all they'd have to do is send in a clown to the interrogation room.
3. As a two-year-old I fell into the deep end of a neighbor's pool and sank like a rock to the bottom. My dad retrieved me.
4. In grade school I owned a pair of Mork & Mindy blue jeans, complete with a cracked-egg logo on one of the rear pockets.
5. I loved those jeans so much that I wore them every day, even after they'd gotten marshmallow creme all over them, which of course attracted dirt, lint, pencil shavings, etc. Still, I didn't want to hand them over to be washed.
6. I wasn't the tidiest little kid.
7. Here are some of the nicknames my older brother gave me when we were growing up: Hippo (even though I wasn't fat); Nixon; BBs on a Breadboard (you can figure that last one out for yourself. Unfortunately, it still applies).
8. When I was almost 16 and taking driving lessons, my instructor once threatened to jump out of the car while it was still moving.
9. I've ridden a camel near the Egyptian pyramids.
10. I can wiggle my ears and flare my nostrils.

I feel so much better now. Don't you?


  1. Okay, That is technically only EIGHT items because number 2 is a continuation of number 1, and number 5 is a continuation of number 4.. But hey who's counting? LOL So anyways, you RODE A CAMEL? Hell with THAT you went to EGYPT? God I hate you now. that's so cool. Also, "Tidy Little Kid" would qualify as an oxymoron of some sort..don't you think?? LOL

  2. Jackie, my issue with clowns is large enough to cover two LISTS, much less two items on a list. I don't know why this is so. It's not like a clown exposed himself to me when I was young and impressionable or anything. I just have an aversion.

  3. Well, Let's see, John W. Gacy rings a bell..I think that's enough ammo right there. I do like some clowns, depending on their costuming. But the ones you would consider traditional, big red nose, bald head or big fluffy red afro, big drawn on surprizey eyebrows.. I am not really fond of them either. So..Have you perchace seen the movie "it"? prolly not..jus checkin. :) ::grin::

  4. Lorelei1:29 PM

    Clowns are downright spooky. I'm completely with you on that one. Said in-laws somehow got it stuck in their heads that we love clowns, and tend to give us clowns and jesters of every type, particularly around Christmas. These ornaments are immediately and summarily disposed of as far from our house as possible.

    It's a known fact that clown dolls (and some creepy garden gnomes) will come alive and kill you in your sleep.

  5. Lorelei is right!! She's absolutely right!! What a relief that other people know the truth...