Friday, February 16, 2007

home on the range

Lest y'all think I was exaggerating about the antelope outside our kitchen window yesterday. They returned in the afternoon - even closer to the house this time - so I grabbed the camera. (I'm jonesing for that 70-200 mm lens I've been eyeballing.) I wonder if we'll get to see any antelope babies soon...or maybe they give birth in the fall. I'm really not sure.

Here's another local photo op that presented itself yesterday in front of the feed store. I like the idea of fall encased in winter (onto which an early spring will hopefully soon open up a can of whupass).

In other news: If you haven't yet wandered over to the dysfunctional housewife's blog to read her harrowing installments of what it means to be a "lost girl" growing up, you're really missing out. How in the world was I to know that such literary talent lived just a stone's throw from my house?


  1. Dude..You are SO totally blowing my anonymity here! GAH!! ::grin::

  2. Lorelei10:21 AM

    Nice trip to the ZOO, lady. I can totally tell that those antelope aren't in the wild. Look at the edge of the cage at the bottom of the pic.

    Yeah, right. Out in the wild, indeed.

    Amazing photo of the icicle!

    And I did get stuck, entranced by the carnage, in Jackie's blog just yesterday. Outstanding writing style...what a train wreck. I'm passing along a virtual hug to her.

  3. great photos!!

    I'd settle for horses outside my window but antelope, wow!

    ok I'm over to Jackie's...

  4. Some of those antelope look more than well fed around their middles. My bet is on spring. Isn't that when most of the animal kingdom except maybe humans do their birthing? Great pictures. You might want more than 200mm lens if you want to do any birding.

    You are bookish enoough to enjoy Mr Vararadajan's latest column in the WSJ (yes that is the correct spelling).

  5. Lorelei It does resemble a train wreck doesn't it? LOL virtual hug righ back at you!

  6. Oh, one more thing Nicole. STOP throwing things at me!! ::watching as big stone zips overhead:::