Monday, March 05, 2007

talk about a triple salchow

Got to go to an ice-skating birthday party this weekend for the sole girl in my son's class of ten. I know: That poor teacher. Our boy took skating lessons a couple of years ago, so he was basically Evil Knievel on ice. However, it was our girl's first time skating. And she was such a trouper. Every time she fell down (and there were many, many falls), she'd sit there for a second, splayed across the ice like a starfish in her purple snowsuit, before scrambling back up and saying, "It's no big deal."

Anyhoo, while the Flagstaff rink was extremely crowded, and the male half of the species was well-represented, I certainly don't recall seeing anything like this. And I really think I would have noticed. (Thanks, Dad, for the link. I also liked the accompanying email note, which read, "I'm forwarding this only to illustrate the kind of SHOCKING!! display that should surely be BANNED before it corrupts the morals of our women folk.")

Okay, okay. Gold lame' - I'm not so much into that. However, Evengi wears it well, and I do dig the fact that he looks a lot like a young, healthy, non-smoking Joe Elliott - my first rock star crush of the early 80's.


  1. My sister is a figure skating fanatic.

    I LOVE Evgeni Plushenko!! He's cute and funny and loaded up with tons of talent.

    Me, I'm a bad Canadian because I can barely skate. I have old hockey skates. I begged off this year because my boy grew out of his and wore mine instead.

    I hate having cold feet. And I'm better on four hooves!

  2. Heidi, I thought expert skating skills were a requirement for Canadian citizenship. Your secret's safe with me. ;-)

  3. Could you handle it if I told you I don't watch hockey or drink coffee either?

    However I like donuts and beer. (Not at the same time!)

  4. I agree with your Dad. If only you kids had listened to us when you were young. Hmm. History doesn't repeat itself, but it does [sometimes] rhyme according to Vonnegut.

  5. I'm not much into ice-skating. I'm better on four hooves as well. But this could make me think about it.