Saturday, May 17, 2008

okay, here's the thing

Be forewarned.

You should never give me something cool, random and free, like, say, an old hunting trailer:

Because something inside me will inevitably take over, until the original thing you gave me will start to become an Even More Original! thing.

Why is this? What is it about me that always wants to take something perfectly fine and scre- um, pretty it up?

Don't rightly know, but it's a streak I've always had. And I'm okay with that now.

As the "prettying up" process unfolded (and, really, the process is still just getting started), I kept hearing John Cougar Mellancamp's southern drawl saying, "...and we're gonna paint the mother PANK."

Does anyone remember that line from his Little Pink Houses/MTV album promotion back in the 80's, when JCM (or was he still just John Cougar at that point?) was supposed to actually show up at the contest winner's house and help a bunch of the lucky winner's friends paint it pink?

There's no telling how things might degenerate - er, how much MORE original things might get from this point forward (i.e. just wait 'til I get murals painted and epoxy some big ol' rhinestones on there).

You think I'm joking, don't you.


  1. maiden536:53 PM

    when did it get pink and sooo pink? :-) I would love to help with the other goodies! Still need a lid for it?

  2. LOCO LOBO7:27 PM

    Well, I wouldn't pull it with my truck. The colors would clash. However, I think you are tiugh-girl enough to pull it into most rodeo parking lots. ENJOY

  3. Thanks, A & J. Glad to know I'm considered a tough chick by some. lol

    I thought you might, Heidi, what with your penchant for pink hair.

  4. Maybe you should give your memory/music-deprived readers a link to whatever music is going through your cerebral cortex, or not.

    Cultivating eccentricity cannot start too soon. Your children will have lots of material for their eulogies.

  5. A, I did get a dome lid for the thing before the nasty weather hit.

    Ken, you had to go and make a request...