Thursday, May 22, 2008

talk about an awkward pre-adolescence

Today's post is brought to you by Ivan the Terrible:

And by Elizabeth Swan:

And by daughter's "little baby hen" Maribella (who, I am suspecting more and more every day, is going to need to have his name changed):

And, finally, by Tiny:

Have I mentioned before that life gets considerably more complicated when you have four chickens living in the bathtub?

Their first day outside is going to happen soon. It was supposed to have happened already, but, unfortunately, it hasn't. Wanna know why?

Because today's post is also brought to you by the letter 'S.' As in Snow on the windows. On May FLIPPIN' twenty-second:


  1. You could move to, well, how about Montana.

  2. maiden538:40 AM

    Hey - how about that DRY heat! :-)
    I got a heating lamp for the ducks... I am glad that chickens are not as messy as ducks! they HAD to go out!! at about the age your chicks are now... You will need to get a rubber chicken to put in the tub when the chicks go out so that no one feels lonely in the bathroom!