Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Okay, so it is the merry month of May, right?

I mean, it's not like I've slipped through a random crack in the space/time continuum, and it's really February again, right?

Because, when I woke up this morning and looked out the back door, this is what I saw:

The animals, all of whom have lost their winter coats by now, were looking at us humans like this was somehow our fault (when we all know it's really Bush's fault). Daughter built a snowman:
(which, uh, had a rather embarrassing skin condition apparently). Then she came inside to drink some hot apple cider and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas (I kid you not), which somehow managed to get left out months ago after I packed away all the other Christmas videos and DVDs. Listening to Linus plinking out "Jingle Bells" on his piano and hearing Lucy say, "Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you're the Charlie Browniest" was extremely jarring somehow, with summer only weeks away. I told the husband it was like eating liver pate' for dessert - just plain wrong.

Fortunately, yesterday, we were able to visit the Grand Canyon Deer Farm with our 4-H Clover Kids group before the snowstorm moved in.

No, shy, timid wallflowers, these ungulates. Especially when the nearest human has a handful of deer treats.

Yeah, so I got a hump. What's it to you?

Okay, okay. I get the picture. No donkey treats. Sheesh.

Maybe I should have taken the reindeer as a sign that all would soon turn funky in the world of Northern Arizona weather.

Course, I got me some goat love, which means that even a spring blizzard can't bring me down.


  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    You crack me up, Nicole. Always nice to check in and feel the goat love :)

  2. We had such a crappy winter... I hope so bad that spring is really here to stay, cuz we got enough snow for two winters!

    (love those critters. I wish I could keep a goat in town!)

  3. M, there are some seriously cute goats just north of you, up at that KOA. Don't think I don't know where goat love is located around the globe.

  4. Heidi, what gives with the weather this past winter? Are you guys all thawed out up there yet?

  5. maiden533:27 PM

    Love that snowman! :-)

  6. I'm sure the snowman was once ... beautiful. ;-)

  7. You could move to Montana.

  8. *Spew!* Ken, you really needed to add a beverage alert to that comment, since I would have soaked my keyboard had I been drinking anything. I'll tell ya...the one thing I know I can always tell myself when the weather goes seriously funky is, "At least I don't have to deal with MonTANA weather."

    Seriously, though, P would move up to Bozeman in half a heartbeat if he thought he could talk me into it.