Thursday, January 22, 2009

fancy buns and cool eye news

To quote an oft used Internet phrase: Wow. (Hey, Honey? All I was trying to do was vacuum up some dust bunnies under the table, and now the darn thing's clogged!)

I owned a rabbit once. I was in grad school, and I kept her in one of those collapsible dog kennels in my rented, upstairs bedroom of a tiny yellow cottage in the country. She was a dwarf lop (or some such thing) and she used to thump incessantly on the wood floor in the middle of the night. She also liked to eat paint and drag the dog kennel across said wood floor with her teeth, until I'd say, "Shut UP already." We made each other nervous, to say the least.

In other, totally unrelated news, Mama has a new set of eyes. I was actually hoping to have LASIK done, since I'm pretty much legally blind when I'm not wearing my glasses or contacts. Unfortunately, I was told that because my prescription is so severe and due to the shape of my eyeballs (which apparently resemble eggs lying on their sides, pointy ends out) the doc would have to laser off so much "material" (read "cornea") that I would actually lose contrast in my vision. Yikes.

"But would my eyelids droop, since there wouldn't be so much eyeball there to hold them up?" I wanted to know. At which point the technician just stared at me and said, "Uh, no. Those eyelid muscles pretty much work on their own."

So, I was bummed. I've been in hard or RGP (rigid gas permeable) contacts now for over twenty years, and I was really looking forward to the miracle of vision without corrective devices. No such luck, BUT...

Enter Hybrid Contact Lenses!! They're basically soft lenses with RGP centers, which means they should, in theory, be much more comfortable. Also, I have 20/20 vision on one eye while wearing them - and darned close to 20/20 in the other eye. Now I'm just crossing my fingers that they stay as comfortable and clear as they are at the moment.


  1. I owned a Saab once. I was a doctor until they fired me for honesty.

    Thank God for big and small flavors. Will your children know anything about the wonders of the free market?


  2. Ken, you crack me up.


  3. Sorry, I just forgot to take my medicine this morning. Having good vision is a great blessing. I remember my father told me, when I asked how come he always hit to right field, "because I see the stitching on the baseball": to a kid who could only see a fuzzy white thing with a fizzy sound if it was thrown fast enough.

  4. It's exactly why I didn't play softball, Ken - because I generally wouldn't see the thing until it was right between my eyes.

  5. My sister used to use our old dog kennels to keep her bunnies too... but when the time came that we have a new dog in the house she decided to find those bunnies a new home... luckily her friend adopted those bunnies.