Friday, May 15, 2009

fotog friday: giving a hoot, and bye for now

Here are some recent things that remind me to count my blessings:

1) The "Great 4-H Enchilada Production Line"

This happened last weekend at the home of our local 4-H Swine Project leader. By the time all was said and done, there were enough enchilada orders filled to allow the club to purchase a large animal scale. This will come in handy for the market animals heading to the County Fair auction in the fall, but as the local 4-H Horse Project leader, I'm looking forward to weighing some horses on it as well. Those enchis were piled nearly floor to ceiling high, I tell ya:

2) Mother's Day roses:

Some from friends, and some from family (I am lucky to call myself richly blessed in both departments).

3) That dog:

Lizzie's herding instincts have gotten a little too intense lately, especially with all the kids we have running in and out of the house on a regular basis. So, with summer vacation fast approaching, we're getting back to some remedial training and socialization with her, including long runs and frequent trips to son's Little League practices. She's a good girl, though, so I have no doubt we'll get her hyper vigilant Aussie brain back in line. This evening she accompanied me on a long walk throughout the neighborhood, during which I was able to collect a big bag of roadside trash. Those Woodsy Owl commercials from the 70's made a big impression, though I don't think any commercial cut as deep as that crying Indian - er, Native American - canoeing past all the riverbank trash. (Is it just me, or does he bear a strong resemblance to Kramer from Seinfeld?)

And with all that said, I'm also going to say my yearly "Goodbye for now." AWAAR will be going dark for a while. How long? Dunno. What I do know is that life is demanding my focused attention in ways I could not have foreseen a year ago, and so I'll give that attention where necessary - including to the Year of Writing Dangerously, which I committed to in January and which has, heretofore, not been quite as dangerous as it should be. So, we'll see where it all ends up. Hopefully I'll have plenty of daring adventure stories with which to regale you upon my return.


  1. Goodbye dear Nicole, come back soon. Your dog seems to be smirking or has he just been distracted from whatever group he is about to herd? Be sure to stick pictures on your promised adventure stories. Best wishes on your attention-focusing days ahead.

  2. ouch, N.......I will miss the hell out of you! I really look forward to your writing every morning. I am very thankful that I still get to see your face :-) You are an amazing woman, mother and friend :-)

  3. Thanks, Ken. I may need those best wishes. I'll see you on Facebook, I'm sure.


  4. Thanks, as usual, for those sweet words, M. You know they've helped me motor through some pretty deep crud this past year.

    Love ya.