Friday, September 18, 2009

friday soap giveaway: the return

As promised, I have decided to officially reinstate the Friday Soap Giveaways here at AWAAR. There's going to be a bit of a change in the ground rules, though. In order for the giveaway to work each week, there must be at least six comments by different readers in the comments section of each giveaway post. This will, hopefully, prevent bars from constantly going to the the same two people (I'm talking to you, Maiden and Ken). Do be sure to let me know if you're having trouble commenting, or if the process just seems too laborious to make it worth your time.

Oh! I've opened my Etsy shop, too, so go check it out. There you can behold a picture of yours truly in the mid-1970's in my Brownie uniform and all my buck-toothed glory. In fact, go check out Etsy in general if you haven't done so lately. It's chock-full of cool creations by all sorts of amazing artists!

This week's giveaway bar celebrates two things: 1) The opening of my Etsy shop (it's the first type of soap I listed); and 2) The coming of the autumnal equinox, which happens in just four days (squeee! I love fall!). Here's what's up for grabs:

Interested? To play, simply leave a comment on this post describing one of your favorite fall memories.


  1. Your soap looks wonderful!

    It's funny that you ask about fall! My post today was all about fall!

    But my favorit thing is the cooler nights for sure, or maybe the pumpkins? I love pumpkins, I wish they were something you could buy year around!

  2. Can I leave more than one comment?

    All my fall memories are favorites, the others just fall through the large holes in the sieve of my mind.

    Two ideas keep popping up like corks this time of the year: the one is that things start over in the fall, at least they always did when I was going to school; and the second is that almost everything one sees in the fall is a reminder or a metaphor for our declivitous lives.

  3. Please forgive me for the lack of editing in the earlier comment. And this one too after that clumsy sentence.

  4. Haley9:02 PM

    LOVE the soap girl!

    I miss making soap with you. My aunt loved the soap I made so much that she even gave a bar to the mayor of Flagstaff! YAY!

    Congratz on the shop too! It looks great!

    My favorite fall memory has got to be the halloween when I dressed up as a cow! Yes, thats right a COW! Hehehe (calling the dolphins) I was five... My mom and new born brother and I went trick or treating and I got sooo many compliments! That has always been my favorite halloween...Maybe this year will beat that.

    My school always has a halloween festival where we celebrate from 12:30-4:00.. We have games and prizes and also a cat walk, where everyone shows off their fabulous costumes. Its great fun!

    I also love the "fall back" that happens. I love my extra hour of sleep. Although when it comes time for "spring forward" I am not very happy.

    Hope all is well,


  5. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Last year going to the pumpkin patch at the dairy farm--kids milked cows, I tasted cheese (best part), had fresh ice cream, went on a hay ride, checked out the baby animals, and got lost in the corn maze.

  6. One of my favorite fall memories is taking my daughter for her first pumpkin. She was so excited and of course she wanted them all but settled for a cute little one.

  7. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Waiting... ;)

  8. Okay, okay...I said six unique comments, but technically one is from me and two are from Ken. Ah, technicalities. I'm going to announce the winner in the morning.