Wednesday, September 09, 2009

not a g-rated post

So, the cat's in heat. Which means she's snaking around the house, crouched down on all fours like a new Marine recruit doing that thing where they have to hit the dirt and go under all those wires on their bellies. Also, she pretty much sounds like Ethel Merman undergoing an invasive dental procedure without anesthesia ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

And before you jump all over me for not getting her spayed, she has an appointment next week (which may now have to be postponed because of the raging hormones). The vet actually wouldn't spay Rosa when we first adopted her, because her little, um...kitty titties?...were still too swollen from nursing (the cat's, not the vet's).


Aside from the kids going, "Mom, why is she doing that?" and aside from trying to remove from my head the image of something called the "Q-Tip technique" (which I read about on a feline chat thread about how to calm a cat in heat), this is what my life looks like at the moment:


  1. nothing like the sound of a Siamese in heat!! Mom bred Siamese and I have never heard any other female cat sound like a Siamese! Sorry for your ears...we used to ask mom "when are you bringing over the male?"

  2. Gah - why didn't you WARN me, A?!?