Monday, February 06, 2012

As I posted on Facebook earlier today: "Felt a little guilty yesterday eating delicious Game Day chicken wings while looking out the window at the friends' flock of beloved hens. Didn't stop me from nomming, though." That mostly sums up the day. We were invited to watch the Super Bowl with a great group of friends, all of us most interested in the commercials and Madge's performance (since none of us really had a team in the game - when the Niners lost the playoff, I sort of lost interest). I thought Madonna did a great job, though she has definitely slowed down a bit in the 20 years it's been since I saw her live. Then again, we'd all be so lucky to have her moves and her presence at 53. As far as her guest singers, it would have been out of character for M.I.A. NOT to have caused a bit of controversy with her red undies and hand gesture, imo, and Ms. Minaj was as cartoon-like and goofy as expected.

Favorite commercial? The Becks. Hand's down.

On Saturday, I had the double-treat of writing and riding. It started with a screenplay-writing workshop with David Seals (member of our local writers' group and author of Pow Wow Highway, the movie version of which was produced by George Harrison!). Afterward, I met a new friend for a long trail ride in the snowy woods. It's always nice to meet a fellow Arabian enthusiast here in Quarter Horse country - especially one who has a senior gelding like I do. The horses got along great, and we riders agreed it was like Grandpa's Day Out. Maybe next time we'll treat them to a round of bingo afterward.

I have not forgotten about the exciting news I'm planning to announce soon, but it's not...quite...time...yet.

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