Friday, February 03, 2012

Linklove Friday!

There's a bag of Valentine m&ms and a bowl of multi-grain hot cereal - both staring me down, competing for my affection as I post this week's Linklove. The m&ms will win. The m&ms always win, because it is in no way shape or form a level playing field.

But it's okay, because there have been stressors in my life lately that made me lose my appetite, and I'm not at all okay with that, because I love food and I know there's something seriously wrong when I don't feel like eating. It's all good though, and the stressors have (for the most part) worked themselves out.
Wait. I know - I'll eat the m&ms and then chase them with the healthy multi-grain cereal. They'll cancel each other out, right?

Topping the list of links you should check out (especially those of you who love your alone time as I do) is this great article from Scientific American on why solitude is "a crucial (and underrated) ingredient for creativity." Introverts Unite! (Plus, how adorable & pretty is the author in question? Cute as a bug, I tell ya.)
The ebook vs. traditional ("legacy" being the new buzzword) publishing debate rages on over at GalleyCat where publishing insider Jamie Raab added her pennies to the increasingly popular notion that the publishing industry is the Evil Empire.
This looks like an awesome show, but I'll have to wait for the DVDs, since we don't have satellite 
Finally, the scary-brilliant Margaret Cho (who writes how I want to write and who (I think) has an uncanny ability to show us ourselves from unexpected perspectives) had these thoughts on bikes and life.
That's it for this week, Folks. TGIF, and have a great weekend!

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