Thursday, August 09, 2007


Generally used as a word for things I don't like. So, why do these wall decals make my heart beat a little faster? If only they had a horse-themed set. Well, they and Threadless come close with this. (via Neatorama).

So, now that the links in this short little post have officially reached the status of overbred, I will also include another one. Because, shortly before we left California this summer, a friend and I met with our kids at a local outdoor mall. There's a great toy store therein where they have a hunky-dory Hello Kitty display. The girls weren't half as interested in it as we moms were. So, while I feel for this poor guy, I also not-so-secretly wish I could come over and check out his wife's collection.

And then there's this. Ah, to be twelve again.


  1. LOL. Who says you have to be 12 to paper your house with funky wall decals?? =)

  2. Oh, it's something I'd gladly do now, Erica. Those bliks are a little pricey, but the possibilities...