Thursday, August 02, 2007

soap of the day

The holiday craft show season is rapidly approaching, which means I'll be soaping like a ... like a .... What IS the right analogy for someone who's going to be making a lot of soap?

Pictured above are some freshly-cut "I Love Lavender," bars which are very popular with people who, indeed, love lavender. I don't tend to be one of those people, though the scent grows on me as I get older. Well, it doesn't GROW on me. I mean, it's not like I just wake up more and more smelling like lavender or anything. You know what m'sayin'.

I do love the color lavender, and I do adore the flowers. Here's some I put in a big container outside recently:

So far the plants are surviving the direct sunlight and occasional monsoon hail.


  1. Wow! that soap is so gorgeous I'd set it on a shelf and gaze admiringly at it!

    nah. I'd cave pretty quick and have a nice before bed soak in lavendar. I really like it but my kids don't. I heard that it was good for relaxation and I used to put a few drops in their baths before bed when they were little.

    I think they suspect I was drugging them...

  2. I think I smell something headed toward my mailbox (hint, hint) since I'm one of those lavender loving ladies! A whiff of your soap, a dish of olive oil, some crusty bread, and a hunk of cheese is all I need to do some serious armchair time traveling back to my year (okay, four months) in Provence :)

  3. Heidi, the big baby soap/shampoo makers like J&J started marketing things like lavender, chamomile and oatmeal in their baby washes not too many years ago. You are clearly a mom ahead of her time.

    P, I just happened to swing by someone's Yelp page today, and saw a review of a certain farmer's market where a certain someone bought something lavender-y. I thought, "Hmm...what a coincidence."