Monday, August 06, 2007

I know why the caged bird sings

This is "Mathilda":

whose very life was nearly required of her this morning when she found herself trapped within the Jaws of DEATH:

(aka "Angel.")

Fortunately, we spotted the rotten cat trotting past the kitchen window with her new toy, then headed outside and found her under the horse shoeing trailer. The hummingbird (I think that's what it is, anyway) was predictably in shock. So, we put her inside the Last Chance Saloon (aka a big wire cage that's been useful for all sorts of things lately). After about five or ten minutes she was looking vigorous and healthy, with two clearly functioning wings and no puncture wounds to be found anywhere. So, we took her to a far corner of the property, faced the cage door toward the prairie, opened it up and watched her fly away toward a distant group of trees. Much better ending than we've been experiencing lately, but I still have to ask:

What the heck is the DEAL with birds around here lately?


  1. Sounds like one lucky bird.

  2. Yes, I'll say. I've been told Mathilda wasn't a hummingbird, though. I figured with that long beak....but she did seem to fat/fluffy to be a hummer. I don't know.

  3. Looks like a kind of kingfisher to me with that scrunched over neck and mean looking beak. By the way, I'm back from my journey down the coast of Central and South America but I haven't had a chance to add pictures or edit the really rough stuff I dumped in my blog on the few chances I had to upload without breaking the bank.