Monday, August 13, 2007

hand gallop, please. hand gallop.

That's what my weekend was all about - and I mean ALL about. From Friday morning at about 6:30 until Sunday afternoon I was Ms. Ring Steward, thank you very much. It was fun. I've done lots of different horse show stuff over the years - showing, judging, spectating, being there for students, etc. - but working as ring steward at a class A show was one thing I hadn't done. It was labor intensive, detail intensive and trying-my-best-to-take-care-of-our-top-notch-judge intensive, but it was also lots of fun and of course I learned a ton listening to Madame Judge and watching the exhibitors (the rider on the right put 60 days our young stallion who is now owned by a certain - ahem - photographer who felt compelled to take pictures of me in my funky Eddie Bauer hat). Hey, at least I didn't come home sunburned after three straight days in intense sun. So, here:

The turnout was pretty good for this show, too. Not as big as it's been in years past, but not as small, either. I like to think that Hubby and I were members of the local club back in its heyday, when it had a vibrant membership and show barns busting at the seams. We always get some great trainers from down in the Valley (Phoenix), and there were also several barns from New Mexico represented. One of the things that apparently hurt numbers a bit this year was the fact that Youth Nationals just recently got over with, and folks are still burnt out. The judge was super, though. She'll be judging at U.S. Nationals this year, so it's always good to know we can attract that caliber here at our little 'ol Flagstaff show. Now, of course, I'm itching to find me a young mare to bring up through the ranks. Here's another pic:

Our weather held off until today, when we've had multiple power outages, hail and rain slanting sideways. Some day I'll try to find some of my own glory days show pics and share them here. I hope y'all had a great weekend, too.


  1. Oh Nicole, those chestnuts and bays with white socks! I think after Champ I will always have a soft spot for four white socks. I'm stuck on my Appaloosas right now but I will never rule out having another Arab again. Always loved Arabians!

    I went to ONE show this year and did ONE class. Showmanship with my pal's horse. Didn't really love it, sadly. Didn't feel prepared and my heart just wasn't in it. I was so involved in our saddle club for about 7 or 8 years but I got burnt out.

    Y'know you could put more horse show pictures up and I'd be okay with it!

  2. Well, Heidi, after today it might be easier for me to post old film prints of horse show stuff. I went to Wal-Mart to buy a couple of cartridges for my printer, and ended up spending $20 less than I would have paid for ink for an entirely new printer that scans and copies. I'll have to do some test scans to see if the pics will be blog-worthy first, though. Sorry your halter class didn't go so well. I know how that feels when your heart isn't in the horse thing but you feel like it should be. No fun 'tall.