Tuesday, June 03, 2008

fluppy breath

This is Lizzie the cow dog - er, cow pup. She's new around these parts.

"u has a new WHAT?"

"cow pup! i'm a cow pup! is yur ears broke?"

It's okay that she's new, though. She already has lots of new friends showing her the ropes.

"o hai! another new friend fer me!"

"mabee not."

"i has a sorry. try agin pleese?"


"dis much bettur."

Welcome to our family, little Liz.


  1. maiden538:04 AM

    Lizzie is so so cute and smart! I like the way she sucked up to the cat to make friends :-)

  2. Oh, she's a smart one. But just wait 'til that cat has his back turned. lol