Thursday, June 05, 2008

she's at it again!

In celebration of today being the official start of summer vacay for the offspring, I'll be giving away a bar of my newly-redesigned Lily of the Valley vegetable glycerin soap. I always start soaping again around this time of year, after a long hiatus from the insanity of the holidays. Plus, it looks like I'll be a vendor at the County Fair this year, so I'd better get soapin.'

These bars smell reeeeeeally good. Plus, they're bright and sunny...and after the weather we've had for the past, oh, NINE MONTHS or so, I find myself irresistibly attracted to bright and sunny.

Wanna win? Just leave a comment to this post explaining why you do or do not think that blogging is like walking around with no pants.


  1. My guess is that it depends on the type of blog entry one is doing. A kind of public journal is one thing and a memoir is another, and odd paragraphs in search of a unifying theme is another. There are many more. Pants on/Pants off seems to be an earthy image of openness, no holds barred kind of writing which is sometimes what we want, only occasionally having to do with country matters.

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Ah, pantless blogging. I haven't actually tried it, but judging by the scratchy fabric on my desk chair, it would probably give me a rash. I'll do it, though, if I can win your soap , especially now that I'm down to my last bar of it, which I've been hoarding since your last visit. I gave two away and made the other one last until now.

    Seriously, though, I agree with Ken that it all depends on how you blog...and whether you do it under your real name. People have a choice whether to bare all or use discretion. I've done it both ways and have concluded that the internet is not the best place to divulge one's deepest experiences and feelings, but there's room for the occasional moment of poignancy.

  3. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Well, I think that blogging is like walking around with see through pants. And of course, when you are sitting down, blogging it really doesn't matter that they are see through. You are hiding under your desk. Now if you want to stand up to blog, that is a totally different story. I guess it depends on the mood that you set and your audience. Now me, I would blog in the stable with only the horses to see me and they already know what my butt is like.
    Fortunately there are no geese in the stable. If there were, it might get ugly.


  4. I am blogging w/no pants but I have my gown on! But hey, the USA is a free country to do what one wants to do, within the law that is!

    I would love some nice good smelling soap!

    PS got her thru Heidi The Hick.....gotta love her!

  5. maiden5310:49 AM

    pretty soaps, N :-)