Friday, April 17, 2009

fotog Friday: I was going to title this post

“not cool.”

and then I was going to be clever and write something like “On second thought, too cool.”

Because we’ve had snow this week – enough snow to coat the San Francisco Peaks, and the roads and the swing set out back. Enough coldness to leave black ice on the road when I took Lizzie out for a run yesterday evening.

Frankly, I was going to bitch about the snow and about the fact that it's mid-April for cryin' out loud, and isn't it enough that we've already had to endure tax season on top of a long winter? But then Maiden sent me a link to this. Which means the title of this post is now officially and simply: OMG. (Be sure to watch for the rundowns and sliding stops that start at about 3:40).

Maiden and I both have dads who deserve this kind of tribute whether they’re still walking this earth or not. I hope you do, too. And if you’re a guy, and you don’t happen to have that kind of dad, I sure as hell hope you can be that kind of dad. Because you're sorely needed.


  1. Once upon a time ago (hehe) I was cleaning a house and the vaccuum was broken. I wanted to leave a note for the homeowner to say that her vaccuum "sucked" but then changed my mind because that was the problem - it DIDN'T suck!!

    Glad you loved the video :-)

    and, lastly, Right ON! to all dads!

  2. As Dudley Moore said in one of the greatest movies of all time ("Arthur") to Liza Minelli:

    Arthur: Have you ever been on a yacht?
    Linda: No, is it wonderful?
    Arthur: It doesn't suck.

    But I digress.