Wednesday, April 29, 2009

w.o.k. wednesday: interstate elvis

So, here's the deal. You and a buddy are cruising into Vegas on I-515, both of you sweating it a bit because you got a later-than-anticipated start that morning, and you're worried that maybe you won't make it to the backstage area of the venue in time to get your special passes to the evening's hot ticket.

Traffic over Hoover Dam has set you back further, as have all the RV-hauling lookie-loos on the road - all of whom are apparently allergic to driving any faster than ten miles below the speed limit. Further heightening the tension is the fact that you'll still have to check into the hotel at some point, get dressed, get pretty, and then get back on the road by the time the Pussycat Dolls take to the stage.

But then you look out the window at all the neighboring traffic, and you see him:

And, suddenly, everything is A-okay. Because, suddenly, you're reminded that life isn't about stressing over the details: It's all about individuality and following your bliss. It's all about the Oh-I-Just-Gotta-Be-Me.

And this Interstate Elvis? He's doing it right.


  1. This is just one example of why I adore Las Vegas--it is truly an alternate reality, and (if you can overlook the seedy parts, which are legion) is a real hoot much of the time. And an alternate reality can be a lot of fun to hang out in for a while!

  2. Emphasis on the "for a while," M. I agree 100%. Vegas is pure, rhinestone-y escapism at its best. And what I didn't mention was that traffic was cruising along at about 60 mph when I convinced Elvis to roll down his window and do his thing. Somehow that made the moment even sweeter.

  3. VIVA LOST WAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!