Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Being the Owl in 2012

This morning, while pondering a recent visit to the incredibly cool Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, I asked myself, "Self? Who are you going to be this year? The Great Horned Owl or the kangarooo rat?"

I'm not dissing any particular species, mind you. Kangaroo rats are adaptable, resourceful and just plain adorable critters. Unfortunately, they also tend to get eaten by bigger, faster and equally resourceful critters on a regular basis. Just sayin'. (I snapped the photo of the owl in the pic above, by the way, during one of his training sessions).

Owls amaze me. They're sleek, powerful, intelligent and attuned. Plus, my kids inform me that their necks are actually a type of ball-and-socket joint that allows their heads to rotate as they do (can this be true??). 

On Friday I'll be posting some links that have struck me this past week as great ways to Be the Owl in life which, for me, means loving, mothering, writing, teaching, staying present and noticing the details. What does Being the Owl (or the Thunder, or the Catalytic Converter or the ________ (insert favorite representational metaphor here) mean to you?

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