Friday, January 13, 2012

Linklove Friday!

TGIF, Folks. It's all about the tweets this week on Linklove Friday. Here are some cool links mined from the Twitterverse:

First, this: I walked into our local Barnes & Noble last weekend to kill some time and ended up meeting and chatting with Debra Beck, teen mentor and author of My Feet Aren't Ugly. It was so neat to meet an author who's out there walking her talk, and I was so impressed I bought two copies. Girl power!
Next, if you're a reader and/or a writer, Indiebound is a great place to buy & promote books. Check it out!

Anne Trubek has a great piece in the NY Times about why authors tweet. While I honestly used to think "Who cares?", I'm starting to understand and enjoy the whole Twitter thang.
Comedian Margaret Cho lit the Twitterverse on fire a bit when she posted this response to someone who unfollowed her. It left me feeling awed, fortunate and, truthfully, a bit scared.

Also (and this is not Twitter-related), I love this song by Christina Perri. Just found out it was used in the latest Twilight movie, so it looks like I'm not one of the first to discover it. Darn!
Looks like we have another unseasonably glorious, sunny weekend ahead of us here in Northern AZ, and I plan to enjoy the heck out of it. You all do the same, wherever you are.

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