Wednesday, January 31, 2007

we've got stoveage

Judging from the ice crystals attached to the whiskers of my husband's old gelding this morning, it's a good thing the WSIGs came out to install the wood stove that's been sitting on a pallet in our living room all month. Yes, we've been enjoying propane heat through the past few January storms here on the prairie, but have you checked the price of propane lately? Our bill for the latest tank fill-up came to $900. In the winter, a tank full of propane should last about 2-3 months, so you do the math.

We'll still use propane for the oven/stove and the water heater, but for keeping our little selves warm and toasty it's going to be wood heat all the way, Baby. Well, it will be as soon as the county inspector comes out and gives us the go-ahead to light the first fire. My tendency to follow the rule book to the letter in situations like these drives my poor husband nuts, he being more of a punch-a-hole-in-the-ceiling, throw-an-inherited-old-wood-stove-in-there-and-call-it-good kind of guy. I think this will be worth both the wait and the flaming hoop-jumping, however:


  1. NINE ZERO ZERO??? ::Dead Faint::

  2. Actually, I just looked at the bill and realized I was a little off. The total is $941.94.

    I could get a root canal for that.

    I feel like I did.


  3. I think you'll love the woodstove. I grew up in a house of indeterminate old age and pretty much all of the 70s was wood heated. I still get that comforted feeling when I smell wood smoke!

    (Clean out you stovepipes in the spring, ok??)