Monday, January 01, 2007

kickin' it down to second gear for the new year

The WildBlue Installer Guy (WIG) showed up at our house a few hours before we did on Saturday to hook up our Internet satellite. He was supposed to show up last Wednesday, but had to reschedule. No biggee. Figuring he might arrive while we were still en route, I asked my in-laws if they'd be willing to be at the house when the guy got there. Sure, no problem. Only, when my father-in-law opened the front door of our house, he found the WIG (who has a - it figures - Sedona address on his business flyer) sitting in our living room eating a banana. And this, folks, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the differences between rural Northern Arizona and sophisticated Northern California.

Coffee consumption is one of the unfortunate habits I picked up during our year in the fast-paced Bay Area, and I'm finding myself needing to cut back in order to better pace myself for re-entry here. Case in point: Yesterday's trip to Sam Walton's Evil Empire (as living in Marin has trained me to view it). Approaching the Wal-Mart parking lot I was locked and loaded in my little pickup truck, ready to pounce on the first available parking spot that presented itself. Because I've also been trained to realize that it's every woman for herself out there in traffic. Outta my WAY, people. But as soon as I drove down the first row, it became abundantly clear that parking was not going to be an issue, because I was back in Flagstaff now. Not only were there plenty of spaces right near the entrances, but each space was HUGE. That's because people drive trucks here. They pull horse trailers and they drive in from the Navajo and Hopi Reservations to load up with supplies. People here wear western hats and cowboy boots and Wranglers, and they don't look at all ridiculous. In fact, they look quite fetching. I'd almost forgotten. I didn't have to wait in line for a shopping cart, and inside the store the Wal-Mart greeter actually seemed sincere when he greeted me, rather than seeming as if he'd just as soon stab me with a fondue fork for inconveniencing him with my presence.

And Wal-Mart. Oh, Wal-Mart. I have missed you. Yes, you're an ugly, big box, and yes, you're accused of putting the Mom and Pops out of business. But where else can one find enormous boxes of Reduced Fat Cheez-Its for $2.50 each; the best-fitting and longest-lasting jeans I've ever worn for $10.88; and YOPLAIT FOR $0.50, AND THAT'S NOT ON SALE??

See what I mean about the coffee?


  1. Jackie3:53 PM

    Okay I can't be seen with you.. It's clear that while you were away you picked up a CRACK SMOKING HABIT. Cuz that ain't the SAME Walmart that *I* have been going to for the last 365 days..PARKING SPACE?? CLOSE TO THE DOOR?? um yeah uh-huh...I haven't had one of those without circling at LEAST ten times. (okay yes, I am lazy) You smartly avoided the "remodeling mahem" that was in full swing shortly after you left. I *do* agree that some of those Caboyz are looking quite fine these days :) Bry was converted to boots somewhere around 5 years ago, and he never looked back..LOL OH and your hubby must be officially accepted into the NAU 'pack', Bryan refered to him today on the phone as "Brackett".. You know, that whole male bonding thing..where all the guys call each other by their last names..and slap each other on the back..HE'S IN!!

  2. Marla4:57 PM

    On the bright side (because I have to find one), now I'll get to experience life in Arizona (and rural living in general) without leaving my comfy suburban existence ;)