Thursday, December 07, 2006

baby's breath

The first new friend I made when we moved here had a baby last week, and I got to see him a few nights ago when I brought over a new mom casserole. This has become somewhat of a personal tradition for me, and I would have wanted to do it even if one of her MOPS friends hadn't arranged for a whole slew of meals to be delivered to the new parents. Why? Certainly not because my cooking is anything to cheer about, but because I know firsthand what a gift it can be to have a friend bearing food show up at your door at dinnertime on day one, two, three, etc. of having a brand new baby in the house when you're hormonal and emotionally amuck with all the adjustments suddenly required by this tiny new force of nature. I will never forget the grace extended to us by the Flagstaff playgroup moms when our daughter was born. One even drove the 30 miles out to our rural home at night to deliver her homemade soup, salad and bread. And speaking of bread, this is what my friend's brand new son reminded me of Wednesday night - fresh baked, warm and lovely-smelling. Gorgeous like his parents, and clearly ready to give them a run for their money. Boy babies rock (girls, too, of course, but boys have their own special way about them). Sigh. One more thing to add to the miss list.

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  1. Lorelei12:06 PM

    Recently I brought 3 frozen meals over to a new mommy & daddy (the same ones who told me that their new baby could only see one visitor a day, that my husband and kids could not accompany me, and that my visit could last less than 20 minutes - talk about FIRST TIME PARENTS) and they returned my disposable container to me about a week later with braised quail in it.

    Talk about making my measly Swedish meatballs (made with frozen meatballs and a packet of sauce) look superfluous! Instead of being appreciative of the quail, I was insulted that they one-upped me. Boy oh boy, they're not gettin' any more food from me...