Friday, December 15, 2006

hallo mansion builder!

Our family loves Playmobil stuff. It started with a little Knight and Horse set the boy received as a gift when he was four or five. Then came the slightly larger Viking Tent set (complete with bearskin rug, which makes you wonder a little about those Vikings, considering no lady Vikings were included). Of course, the next logical step was the Pirate Ship, then the Medieval Fortress, and then I hit the mother lode while browsing at the Flagstaff Goodwill: It was an entire Rubbermaid box full of Playmobil stuff including a second Pirate Ship (because no boy should have just one). Tonight, while searching online for replacement parts, I came across this site. Apparently, there's an international contingent of adults out there who customize stock Playmobils as a hobby. While one part of me applauds the creativity and thinks this is really cool, another part of me says, "You can love your Playmobils. Just don't LOVE your Playmobils." If you get my drift. (Check out the English translation of this guy's customized living room friendship scene.)

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  1. Lorelei2:22 PM

    Hi Little Jo,

    The Playmobil site gives me great glee. Clearly there are some people in the world (although they are far far away) who need a life even more than I do!

    You have a very nice collection of random internet sites if I might say so...

    - L.