Thursday, December 07, 2006

the miss list, vol. 2

The list continues with... 2) The Y. It took just a few months of living among all the beautiful California hardbodies before the BH and I got motivated to get back into shape. He signed us up for a family membership at the Marin YMCA, which is possibly the best deal to be found on anything here. Where else can you travel back in time to the Marin of the 1970's with a good, old-fashioned-yet-new-agey Yoga class, or sweat with the Spandex set in a heart-pounding, head-banging Step Aerobics class? I've come to love Step, despite the fact that I was so lost during the first class that I looked like a Yeti with three left feet. It didn't help that my uber-talented dancer friend Lorelei was stepping right next to me, throwing in all sorts of fancy moves to jazz up the boring (for her, no doubt) combinations. I have been slacking off, though. Today, I got an email from the Y's FitLinxx system informing me that in November I lifted 45, 760 lbs. (or the equivalent of 5.7 African Elephants - they put the elephant part in the email, which is why I didn't have to google that). Not bad. But then they say that I burned only 1, 292 calories (or 3.5 ice cream sundaes, the equivalent of which I no doubt put away on Thanksgiving alone. Clearly, it's time to Step things up). Okay, back to the list. 3) My family and friends. I should reiterate here, lest they think they're an afterthought following a grocery store and a gym, that this list is arranged in no particular order. It has been beyond awesome to have my peeps so close by. Not only are the kids' cousins a mere half hour away and available for sleepovers, birthday parties, etc., but I've been able to keep up with the daily happenings in folks' lives the way I just can't do from 800 miles away. Of course, now that I'm moving again, it seems like I haven't seen everyone nearly enough, but there you go. More excuses to visit often.


  1. Lorelei2:37 PM

    Oh for goodness sake. I've seen loads of Yeti with 3 left feet and you don't look ANYTHING like them. The smell however....uncanny.

  2. Lorelei3:53 PM

    Yesterday in that place where you USED to live, they had an actual low temperature of 11 degrees Farenheit. What about that, huh? Huh? Howzabout them apples, lady?? And WHAT temperature is it in San Anselmo right now? Say it. That's right...near on 70 degrees. Add "the weather" to your list. You may not recognize it now, but when those kids of yours have been cooped up for 13 weeks straight, I'm going to call you and say, "nanner nanner foo foo, we're going bike riding." But I'm just going to say it, I'm not going to do it, because our family never ever goes bike riding together. I bring my diet coke and See's candies down to the driveway and watch Girl Wonder ride around and around in circles...that's gotta burn some calories.

  3. Yes, but it's a dry cold where we're going.

  4. I think Loralei needs to start her own blog--she's making me laugh (internally) as much as you!

  5. Lorelei12:10 PM

    Hey Ariel,

    I know a couple of twin girls who are named Ariel and Lorelei....isn't that cool? Maybe you & I are long lost twins.

    Thanks for the nice compliment. My husband just stares at me when I'm trying to be funny. It's the kind of look after which I surreptitiously wipe my nose to make sure there's nothing dangling out of it.