Monday, December 04, 2006

flying kitties

Today began with an important phone call, and with Dora the Explorer, which was playing in the master bedroom. In order to make sure that our four-year-old wasn't going to knock the phone off the hook in there (not an uncommon occurrence) I decided to go and fiddle with it, to move the phone to a safe spot on the nightstand. I don't know what got the child so worked up - the letter from "Santa" found rolled up in the Christmas tree this morning; the fact that big brother was staying home from school because of a cough suspiciously reminiscent of a seal/bloodhound hybrid; or both of those combined with the fact that Daddy was getting to stay home from work another day because of the recent rotator cuff surgery. Whatever it was, she was AMPED. As soon as I started messing with the phone with my back turned, she was up on the bed: Bouncing once! Bouncing twice! Bouncing...(THUD/CRACK)... "AAAAIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" It's a sound I've only heard from her one other time, when she was two and tried to climb out of her crib but failed because of the blanket twined around her feet. That incident left her in a wrist cast for several weeks. So I knew something was broken even before I lunged the two or three steps to where she was lying on the floor. Poor kid. When the doctor asked her what happened, she said simply, "I was playing Flying Kitties."

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