Tuesday, December 12, 2006

lucky 100

Today I celebrate the 1 week anniversary of this blog. Heh. Didn't think I'd keep at it this long, did ya, Inner Critic? I notice that my hit counter is at 99 already, which I find pretty darned exciting (it's not new news that I need to get out more). I know I'm not inflating my own stats, since I have a blocking cookie set to prevent my own obsessive visits from doing so. It must be Lorelei.


  1. Lorelei2:48 PM

    Oh, so you think I've been to your site 99 times? Oh contraire, mon frere. Accent ay-goo over the E. I've only been here 98 times since I'm sure Marla was here at least once because she left a comment as proof.

    And just for the record, your blog has inspired me to put pen back to paper in my journal. Last entry was 3 years ago. Do you know how long it takes to write? Like, handwriting? My little paw hurt after 10 minutes! Maybe I'll just blog on your blog...I'm sure there's a technobabble word for people who blog on other's blogs.

    I've got a word for it...leech.

  2. **News Flash!!**

    And the one-hundredth visitor to AWAAR is...(drum roll, please)...LORELEI!!!!

    (We are all sufficiently shocked and awed.)


  3. Lorelei10:20 AM

    101st visitor - me.

    I've just got to get a life one of these days.

  4. Marla3:30 PM

    I think it's interesting that when you moved out here, we met through my blog (which is no longer), and now that you're going back, we're parting through your blog (which just came into existence).