Monday, December 04, 2006

flying kitties, part 2

We spent the morning at the PCP's office, and in radiology, where the girl was so very brave beneath that enormous, scary bone camera. Later we were summoned to the orthopedic surgeon's office, where Daddy had his own post-op appointment. Turns out she broke her humerus clean through, up at the top near the shoulder, but not so near the shoulder that the break is actually into the growth plate. Because I asked the doctor. Because I am one of those people who has just enough veterinary knowledge to annoy veterinarians, and because as a parent I honestly believe that this knowledge naturally translates to my own species, so imagine how much I annoy people doctors. She doesn't have to wear a cast (because the area is apparently really hard to stabilize), and she doesn't have to have surgery (because the humerus is apparently the most talented bone in the body when it comes to regeneration. (Which begs the question: Why aren't our entire skeletons made out of humerus bone??)). Long story short, she's in a sling, on Tylenol with codeine, and getting spoiled beyond all reason. What's not to love about breaking your arm?

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  1. Lorelei9:54 AM

    For Christmas, I would like a book light made of humerous bone since Max, Emma, and Simon have broken SIX of my itty bitty book lights.

    Love your writing! You continue to crack me up even after all these years.