Monday, March 16, 2009


I am officially part of the Facebook herd as of this weekend.

Somehow, I feel But also exhilarated, because just think of all the FRIENDS I might collect....

But also a little pinchy in the gut, because just think of all the potential REJECTION...

Gah! It's like not being able to find my locker on the first day of seventh grade all over again.
(Is that a zit I feel forming right on the tip of my nose?)

Anyway. No biggee - and it's not like I really CARE or anything - but friend me, if you're on Facebook, too, yo: I'm using my maiden name on there, which is Nicole McInnes.


  1. I think that zit was last week, dear :-)

    and MOOOO to yoooo tooo!

  2. Ah, yes. Thanks for the reminder, A. I think there's another one coming in right behind it, too. Friggin' raging hormones.

  3. Moooooooooooo! Nice cow picture. :)